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Jonathan Bryan attended his local Special School with the label “Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities” (PMLD), where he was taught very basic letters and numbers with little or no progression from one year to the next. When he was 7 years old, and at the start of year 3, Jonathan’s mother took him out of special school for a few hours a day to teach him to read and write. They started whole word reading, and basic phonics and progressed on to spelling out words and writing sentences. By the age of 9 Jonathan was using a spelling board to write everything that he wanted to say, and he left special school to join his peers at his local primary school.

Following his recovery from a serious illness when he was 10, Jonathan felt he had been given extra time to make a difference in education for children who are non-verbal like him. In June 2016, as he was recovering, he set up the Teach Us Too campaign which was covered in national media alongside a petition to action change.

In July 2017 Jonathan released a short film onto YouTube to raise awareness of this issue. If you would like to watch this film click here.


In November 2016 Jonathan presented his petition, with over 180,000, signatures to the Minister who is responsible for Special Educational Needs. This petition continues to gain support and has currently been signed by over 830,000 people.


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In July 2018 Jonathan's first book, Eye Can Write, was published. It is a memoir of his unlocking and all of Jonathan's proceeds from book sales are being donated directly to Teach Us Too in order to benefit other children like him.


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In 2018 the CBBC 'My Life' documentary, Locked In Boy, was made about Jonathan. The film gives an insight into Jonathan's life, his passions, and his mission to change educational experiences and expectations for children like him.


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