Promoting an education system where all children are taught literacy regardless of their label


Welcome to Teach Us Too:

A charity promoting the right for all children to be taught to read and write, whatever their label or diagnosis.

Teach Us Too has grown from one child’s desire to change the experiences of others in a similar position.

We are dedicated to improving opportunities for children with significant disabilities to access high quality, effective literacy education. We believe that it is the right of every child to be taught to read and write as and we will work tirelessly in our efforts to advocate for this to happen within school settings.

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Teach Us Too Objectives


We aim to challenge attitudes and assumptions based on labels.


By offering presentations, workshops and discussion to trainee professionals & other organisations.

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We aim to influence educational practice and encourage ambitiion.


By signposting professionals to research and resources and funding literacy specific CPD training.

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We aim to share good practice to highlight what can be achieved.


By sharing the stories of young people, families and professionals to inspire change & improve outcomes.

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