Candle’s Literacy Resources For All

Literacy Resources For All is a comprehensive literacy package which can be accessed by students who rely on AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) and/or who have complex needs. The program is also useful in a wider context; CandLE have found that what works in AAC works for all – hence the name!

The Programme comprises 6 elements:

1. Communication

2. Emergent Literacy

3. Literacy Needs Assessment

4. Conventional Literacy

5. Thinking Skills

6. Mainstream curriculum support

These six elements take the learner from no known literacy skills to age appropriate ability levels.  You can find out more about each of the elements by clicking on the sub-headings.

There are a number of low-tech and software resources including:


  • Our Access for All communication book
  • Our high-contrast, waterproof letter board
  • Our topic and conversation boards
Read more about Communication


  • Alternative pencils
  • Predictable writing chart
  • Choice boards that match predictable writing chart
Read more about Emergent Literacy


  • Letter cards (bridging to conventional literacy and supporting assessment)
  • Single word assessment
  • Text level assessment – assessing comprehension of text with increasing levels of difficulty (in development)
Read more about Literacy Needs Assessment


  • The popular ‘Phonics for All’ spelling program
  • Adapted reading scheme is in development.
  • Reading for pleasure.
  • Resources for writing – including a full dictionary & thesaurus
Read more about Conventional Literacy


  • Curriculum and thinking skills activities (in development)
Read more about Thinking Skills


Read more about Mainstream Curriculum Support